Summer Passes Into Fall, only 6 More Weeks for Portraits

Wow, just wow. It's the end of summer tomorrow, and I am a little sad... perhaps it is the gloomy weather these past few days, or maybe I just don't want the end of my outdoor photography season to end so soon. But time moves forward, and we cannot hold it back. So I choose instead to embrace the rain, because I know it will help keep the leaves on the trees so that they can put on a real show for us.

Fall portraits are by far my most popular style, and whether we have a rustic, dry season or a vivid colorful one, I have learned over the years how to select the best locations for my clients and make the most of what nature has to offer. I would love to help you with your family portrait, and encourage you to take a moment to check your schedules and reserve your time today. Prime appointment spots are available on each of the October weekends, and there is no extra charge for a Sunday session.

To honor the passing of Summer into Fall, we have a great special this weekend only:

Location session fee

Custom 8x10 portrait mounted on gold bevel edged board  ($135)

Set of 25 Customized Holiday Cards printed on metallic paper.  ($65)

Regular value of this collection is $375.

Package price thru 9/22/13 is only $125


Working with a true professional includes guidance and assistance in the important areas of portrait style, clothing choices and location. We specialize in creating custom wall decor and can produce single showpiece images for over your fireplace, or a grouping of small images for your foyer. Professional, customized albums and coffee table books are also available. You can have a free consultation to help you with questions anytime. Learn how fine photography can bring that artistic touch to your home.

This will be be my lowest price / best value for the season. I have only 8 packages available, so if they book up before Sunday, the special will end early. Call now to get the best selecion of times. We accept all major credit cards by phone, and you can choose your date later if you like. But act now, because just like the fall colors, this price won't last!


Peace be with you,

Lori Sorrells



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