Spring's beauty is here for Mother's Day

How hard it is to wait for those first flowers... for the buds to open on the flowering trees... and the delightful green that follows as the new leaves begin to open! This year has been especially tough as our weather patterns kept turning back to cold and rain. But April showers, as they say, bring May flowers. I'd love to share a few of my favorite images with you to evoke the beauty of the season and brighten your day!


As much as I love photographing flowers, there is something I love even more... creating beautiful family portraits. It won't be long before Summer is here and your out enjoying the weather, vacationing, gardening, at the beach... life gets busy. Now is the time to plan your next family portrait, before the time gets away from you.

For Mother's day, I am offering a special Gift Certificate sale. You can purchase an outdoor session and a finished portrait to give to mom, but let her make all the important decisions. When to take it, how to dress... what the style will be... where it will be displayed... what size and how many to order. These choices are different for every family, and with over 30 years of experience, I have learned how to help with all those details.

You can be the thoughtful husband or son, and give your mom or wife a gift she will never return, never grow tired of, and never forget. A fine family portrait is a forever gift. Call me today and I'll tell you how you can save 50% on your gift! 708-246-4511, or email me with your contact info and I'll call you when it is convenient. You know she has wanted this for a long time... make this the year you come through for her. You won't regret it!

Happy Spring,

Lori Sorrells

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