Be the Hero this Mother's Day

Year after year, moms and grandmas get the traditional gifts of flowers, cards, a nice meal, maybe something sweet, chocolates being top of the list. But what else can you give her that will last longer than a few days?

A professional portrait stands the test of time, and continues to give pleasure every time it's viewed. Kids grow up fast, families change and scatter. But with a portrait, you're always together, no matter where you are. Photographer Lori Sorrells strives to capture the moments that become your memories. Looking back on some of the work she has done over her 30 year carreer fills her with emotion, remembering little ones who have grown up... grandparents who are no longer with us... and knowing that her clients  still treasure their portraits years later brings a satisfaction that something of real value has been created.

Now, it is your chance to have a special portrait created, one that will become meaningful to your family. There are so many questions though. Where to photograph it, what to wear, how to fit it into the schedule... these are ususally the first questions clients have before calling us. But with our full consultation service, we help answer those and many more that you probably won't think of. After all, you only do this a few times in your life, but we do it every day, and want to help you create something truly special, reflective of your family's personalities, tastes and lifestyle.

To help you along with your plans, we have decided to offer three special gift certificates for Mother's Day. They each present an excellent value, as much as 40% off the regular price. The best part about the certificate is that you CAN'T make a wrong decision. Instead, you get to be the hero, giving mom or grandma a certificate and then letting HER plan the details. Women usually have specific ideas of what they want and finished portraits are not the kind of surpise that is always appreciated. Once she has the gift certificate, she has the incentive to get it done. Let her choose the clothing, decided where to display it and make sure she gets the exact look and style she wants. It is a very personal choice, and one that requires some thought and planning.

Through Saturday, May 12th, we are offering the following special packages:

1. Studio Session and 1 - 8x10 Retouched Portrait for only $150. 

This has a regular value of $260, saving you $110.

2. Outdoor Session and 1 - 11x14 Retouched Portrait for only $200.  

This has a regular value of $370, saving you $170.

3. Outdoor Session and 1 - 16x20 Retouched Portrait for only $250. 

This has a regular value of $520, saving you a whopping $270.

All you need to do is call the studio and let us take care of the details. You can pick up the certificate at our studio the same day, or we can mail it. We can also deliver it to you if you can't make it here, and we will be offering them through Saturday, 5/12/12. We take all major credit cards by phone, and are ready to help you with your questions.

Call us now at   708-246-4511. We take calls from 9 am to 9 pm daily.

Don't forget grandma, either. A multi-generation portrait is a treasure for all, as the adults appreciate it today, and the grandkids will love it when they are grown and their grandparents are no longer with them. A professional portrait truly is the gift of today that continues to be a gift for years to come. Make this the year you finally get it done.



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