Are you Serious about your Professional Image?

You know how it goes... you are asked to provide a headshot for your website... business cards... or advertising piece. You cringe because you know the one you have is outdated. Or maybe it is one a friend took when you were out at an event last year, but the quality is off, the picture looks orangey and ameturish. Take a closer look at it... is that really what you want to use to promote yourself? You've been thinking of having a new one taken, but you are just so busy...

If this sounds familiar, it is because it happens to everyone. Photographers hear all the time, "I hate to be photographed..." or " I never take good pictures..." yes, most of us have said those words. But the truth is, you just haven't had a good photographer. Until now, that is.

Lori Sorrells is a photographer with 30 years experience behind the camera, making people feel comfortable so they look natural and relaxed. Your own personality will shine through as you work together in a collabrative effort to capture the best look for you. A typical studio session will include 20 or more poses to start. These will be immediately reviewed with you and she will help you select the one that makes you look the best. If for some reason, you don't see one you like enough to use, additional poses will be photographed immediately so that you leave feeling confident that you got the job done right.

"I know how much work my clients go through just to schedule time to be photographed, and I want to make it work their while" says Lori. "I never want anyone to leave feeling like they settled for less than the best. I work hard to make sure every image I deliver is exactly what my client wants."


As an additional service, she offers the option of using multiple backgrounds and outfits to give you a variety of looks and styles. "It's a little more time and work at the session, but gives so many more options for my clients to have on hand." she says. "They may not need more than one image to start with, but ordering an additional pose a month or so later is a lot less time and trouble than having another session photographed. They can just call me to get another pose retouched and sent to them, and solve the problem of having one iconic image that represents them in every marketing piece. And today, many business professionals want a more casual look for some photos in addition to the traditional business suit."

The standard studio session includes one outfit on one background. Your favorite pose is fully color corrected, retouched and saved off in multiple file versions.You will get a variety of cropping formats, including a square shape for uploading to LinkedIn, that has the proper head size. "There is no use showing a lot of body in a tiny avatar" she says. "People don't always understand how cropping the image changes the impact. If the purpose is to show who you are, a small image will work much better if it has a tight crop on the face. A larger size needs more body to balance it out. I do this for my clients because I have seen too many images improperly used. I don't want them to lessen the positive impact their image can have".

March is Business Professionals Month at Sorrells Signature Portraits. Your studio session and retouched files are only $95. Location photography is also available if you book for 5 or more people to have individual portraits.

You can call the studio at 708-246-4511 for more information. Appointment times are currently available both weekdays and weekends, but are subject to availabliity.

This special is good through March 31, 2012. Do it now and you can save over 50% off the regular cost of $225. Tell a friend and have them come along. It's a lot of fun... and one more thing you get to check off your list!


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