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Pacheco - LeBeau Wedding

Pacheco-Lebeau honor memory of motherWedding days are always special, but when it's also Valentine's day, it's magical. That's the mood we all felt as we watched Mary LeBeau wed Gerald Pacheco in a touching ceremony at Emmanuel Bible Church in Berwyn.

A small wedding party provided an intimate atmosphere, and as their wedding photograher, I noted that both the bride and groom were overcome by emotion more than once during the ceremony. In addition to the traditional vows, the couple included some special moments throughout. Pacheco - LeBeau ceremonyDuring the lighing of their unity candle, they honored the memory of Mary's mother, Rosemary who passed away two years ago. Immediately following, a beautiful rendition of Amazing Grace was sung as they took communion together as husband and wife. The final part of the ceremony included their daughter, Sylvia. As a family, they pledged their love and commitment while pastor Wyrick offered prayer and guidance. This part was especially touching to watch as I could not help notice how protective and proud Jerry is of Sylvia.

A lovely reception was held at the Crystal Sky, and attended by nearly 100 guests. Everyone had time to offer their best wishes for the new couple's future as they enjoyed good food, delicious cake, a warm family atmosphere and great fun as they danced the night away.

Mary and Gerry enjoy a relaxed momentMary and Jerry escaped the cold winter of Chicago as they honeymooned in Hawaii. Alas, as all good things come to an end, they are now impatiently waiting for the true warmth of spring with the rest of us! I have provided here a link to all the pictures captured during their event, and will have this up until October, 2009. Orders can be placed through the site, or you can contact me directly with questions and order information. You will want to use the "zoom" features while viewing, and some folks have trouble with that. You will need to allow pop-ups to function for them to work. If you need assistance, just give me a call while you are on the site. I can help you work through it.

I hope you enjoy the portraits as much as I have, and thanks for looking.

Lori Sorrells


Linares Event, Lola Sandoval 80th Birthday Party

Sandoval family portraitWhat a wonderful way to honor Lola's contribution to the family over the years! This event brought people from all over the country as they gathered to celebrate with family and friends in their typical warm, welcoming way. I was honored to be asked to capture the photographs, and have posted them all on this special website. Photographs are grouped into categories like "Family & Group Portraits" and "Reception Candids" to make it easier to find all the pictures of the people you want to see.

Orders can be placed directly through the website, or you can contact me by phone or e-mail. Charges are not put through on credit cards until after the order is reviewed by me and confirmed by e-mail or phone with you. Delivery time is approximately three weeks and I can ship via UPS or USPS Priority Mail.

Have fun and thanks for looking. This event will be posted until July, 2009.
Lori Sorrells




 Victoria Villarreal Cotillion

It may have been a cold December day, but the the warmth was all around us as we gathered to celebrate Victoria's 15th year. We started with pictures at her parent's home before heading off to Our Lady of the Mount church in Cicero.Victoria Villarreal The ceremony was beautiful, as was Victoria herself. Braving the cold Chicago wind once more, the day's events took us to DiNolfo's Banquets in Homer Glen. What a wonderful, spacious lobby they have, perfect for photographing family portraits. It was tastefully decorated for the Christmas holiday, making the look complete. 

I was honored to provide my photography services for the Villarreal family, and have set up a special website from which the results can be viewed. I have separated the images into groups so that you can easily see all the family and group photographs together. The ceremony and detail photographs have their own sections. Just use the drop down menu on the left side of the screen to choose the different groups. 

You will also need to allow pop-ups to see the images up close. Please contact me if you are having trouble with this feature and I will help you out.

Orders can be placed directly through the website, which come to me for processing. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail or phone before your credit card is charged. You can also mail a check for payment or simply contact me direcly for ordering. Remember that we offer retouching and artwork services, including the option to combine two images for perfect expressions on everone in the picture. If you have any questions, just ask. I look forward to helping you.

The site will be up until July, 2009. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did taking them; thanks for looking.

Lori Sorrells





Anthony Hufnagel 90th Birthday Celebration

On March 14th, I was privileged to share in the warmth at a family gathering to honor Anthony Hufnagel, better known as "Duff" by his family and friends. The occasion of his 90th birthday warranted quite a celebration, bringing together nearly 200 close friends and family from all across the country. There were many special moments, including heartfelt speaches by two of his nephews who sadly, lost their own fathers early in their lives. Duff stepped in and helped these boys in countless ways as they grew into men. Even though they are now in their sixties, they still feel gratitute for his positive influence; a gift they clearly have not forgotten.

Hufnagel Family GroupThere was also a stirring tribute to Duff and his WWII service, as 4 of his great-granddaughters performed a dance routine they coreographed to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Comany B. Duff is not only a proud veteran, but also a POW, having been taken prisoner during the Battle of the Bulge. Eight of his close friends, also WWII  POWs, took time to attend this event. These men, all in their 80s, along with Duff are members of the Fox Valley POW group. They were each taken prisoner during the war, some in Japan and some in the European theater. As the tribute came to a close, they all stood to salute him. Everyone in the room was greatly moved, and silence prevailed as tears of pride were choked back by all. The silence was broken only by the thunderous applause which immediately followed.

In addition to this fabulous party, the Hufnagels wisely took advantage of the occasion to have a new family portrait photographed. Having had a few others taken in the past, they understood the value of a fine quality portrait and chose to hire a professional rather than take snapshots. After 57 years of marriage, having raised 6 children, Duff and his wife Isabel (Bell), have seen their family grow to 41. A group that size can take a while to pose, especially when you work to keep individual families together within the group, but the results turned out quite well. I made sure to bring the proper lighting equipment to evenly cover a group of this size, and have had many years of experience working wtih large families. I have learned that sometimes your most valuable took is a strong personality and a voice to match!

I photographed a portrait of just Duff and Bell, another of them with their adult kids and a few other family groups. I found the atmosphere to be fun and relaxed, the families to be easygoing and cooperative and all the pictures turned out well. It was the highlight of my weekend.

A few days after the event, I learned that one little girl was unable to be present for the session. Not wanting to have the portrait incomplete, we have been able to successfully perform digital magic to add her to the image. This was a very detailed process that involved many steps; including guiding my client Kathy (the oldest sister who organized everything) how to take a photograph that could be usable. In most cases like this, I photograph the missing person or persons, striving to match every detail regarding lighting conditions. background selection, pose and angle, and most importantly of all, quality of digital capture. In this instance, I was unable to photograph this child, so passed on the instruction list to Kathy, who performed admirably. She even had the foresight to photograph from different perspectives. The pictures she took provided us somthing to work with, and with the skilled artistry of my retoucher, Dave Gipson, the resulting new portrait will look quite natural. At last, the family will be complete! Look here for an update later in the week with the new portrait.

I have posted a collection of the family portraits for viewing. There is one best pose shown for the largest group, and an assortment of poses of other groups to select from. You will want to "zoom in" on the pictures, make sure your computer will allow pop-pus for this site. If you have trouble with this feature, please e-mail me and I will send you more detailed instructions. Remember, for those of you who wish to create "portrait perfection" we can move a face from one pose to another if needed. Please contact me for more information on how it works and the small cost associated with specialized artwork.

The link will be active until September, 2009. Thanks for taking time to visit this post and view the pictures, I hope you enjoy them.






Pam Bonfiglio  commented on  December 11th, 2009

Hello, I would like to know if I can purchase some pictures that were taken at the 90th birthday party of my uncle, Anthony "Duff" Hufnagel back in March 2009. I was unaware that the pictures of the event would be posted on this website and since the time for viewing has expired, just wanted to know what my options are. Please email me and let me know. Thanks ! Pam Bonfiglio

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