Wedding Day Joy for Melissa and Christopher

September is a time of change, and not only in the weather. Hot, humid days gave way to welcoming cool breezes as Melissa Bednar prepared to marry Christopher Mack. These long-time sweethearts were filled with a joy that not even rain could dampen.


These beautiful blooms were carried by all the girls in their bridal party.



The day started at Melissa's parents home. Emotions ran high as her mother and friends helped her get dressed in the same room had grown up in. After a short portrait session, we headed out to the ceremony.




There, I met up with Chris, and had time to capture these images of him.



A last minute change of plans was made to avoid the light rain that started, so the ceremony was moved indoors. The only dampness felt in the room came from tears of joy.

Afterwards, we were able to move outdoors for more pictures.


The reception was filled with warm moments between family and friends as everyone expressed their best wishes for the bride and groom. The speeches were heartfelt and filled with emotion, the food was great, the drink was plentiful and the dancing went long into the night.



We wish only the best for this sweet, young couple, and hope you've enjoyed this glimpse into the wedding day.

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Thanks so much for taking time to share in the memories of this special day.

Lori Sorrells and Dave Gipson

Fall Into Great Savings

If you are like most people, you are inspired by the beautiful Fall colors, and want that setting for your next family portrait. You may also be in the majority of folks who have been thinking about that portrait for a long time, but haven't taken the next step.

My goal is to help you move "get family portrait taken" off your to-do list, so your new creation can instead, be enjoyed on your wall. How will I do this???

With inspiring portrait examples and an incredible sale!!!

Here is the inspiration . . .

kids and dogs


And, now for the sale.

If you contact me by September 30th, you can take $75 off the regular session fee of $125.

Your cost is only $50 for any prepaid session photographed in the month of October, at any of my locations.

There are limited dates and times available, so booking early is always recommended.

Our personalized service, including planning session and clothing consultation is included at no extra charge.

All portraits are retouched and custom printed on Kodak Professional Papers, and come with a lifetime guarantee.

I hope you can join me as I share the beauty of Fall with other families this season.

I'm ready to answer your questions and help you create the portrait of your dreams!


Thanks for looking,

Lori Sorrells


Transforming the ordinary photograph into wall art

I have been working on a project for a few weeks, now, and thought I would post my progress. First, a little background story.

I was contacted by the O'Leary's in July about helping them get wall portraits printed from some pictures they had taken on South Carolina while vacationing. The photographer, Bonne Isenhour, had provided them with a disk, and they brought that to me so that I could help them with their selections and options.

Using my projector, we viewed the images in large sizes and selected a collection to hang as a wall grouping. Noticing the bright, saturated colors, and busy pattern on the girls dresses, I wondered how they would fit into the O'Leary's home decor.

I decided it was best to visit them so I could see the spaces that they wanted to use. We selected two places, one in their family room, which has a high two-story ceiling, and the second, just off their foyer, a smaller wall that you pass to enter the home. Both areas are highly visible, so they will be able to see and enjoy the portraits every day.

The decor was very neutral, with a beautiful silvery-champagne paint treatement accenting the foyer walls. I knew there would need to be some major changes to the pictures if we were to create something they would truly enjoy in those spaces. We contacted the photographer to get her permission and copies of the original files, which she graciously provided.

Here is the first image I've worked on:

holding hands close up before

1. Color and contrast needed to be changed to a softer look. I achieved this by toning down the highlights, lightening up the shadows, and serious color adjustments and desaturation.

2. The busy pattern on the dresses needed to be softened and simplified. I envisioned a more abstract pattern, but had no idea how I was going to do it. I searched for information and found some new techniques to apply. Playing around with different tools in Photoshop, I eventually came up with exactly the look I was going after. Here is the result:

painted bw with light color enhancements


By dropping the image to a warm black and white look, and bringing back just selected areas of color, I can create a soft, sweet portrait of these twin girls. In my opinion, this look better reflects the tender moment they are sharing, and will be a joy to their parents to see over and over as the years go on.

Close up details of painting technique


Watch here for more updates, as this is just the beginning of the O'Leary Project. I have more surprises to come!

For more information on how you can have your own photographs transformed this way, please contact Lori at 708-246-4511, or e-mail at



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Bonne Ihoursen  commented on  November 26th, 2011

Hello Lori, I just happen to run across this, it looks awesome. I made need a lesson or two. :) or I'll can just hire you to do it.. Haha anyway great job. Bonne

Summer's Memories for Your Family

There's still time for your Summer portraits, as September offers cool temperatures and lovely warm colors to compliment your next portrait. Call us now to get the information that will help you complete this dream, instead of letting this go another year. We're even offering you a chance to save on the regular pricing, so don't hesitate to act, because there are only a few more weeks until we officially move into Fall.

708 246-4511 by phone or by email.

Family group featuring 4 generations

Congratulations, Jane!

Well, I am so pleased to see that Jane Lynch won the Emmy award for her role as Sue Sylvester on Glee. This talented actress has played countless roles in just about everything you have all seen, but as she said this is the "...role of a lifetime", and she has really earned this award.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jane several years ago when I was asked to do a portrait for the Lynch family by her sister, my longtime client Julie Doyle. Their family gathered together at the Doyle home in La Grange during the Christmas holidays. I know Julie has told me that they really treasure that portrait even more as the years have passed, especially since their father is no longer with them.

Lynch family portarit

I know they are all proud of Jane tonight, and I join them in offering my congratulations on this honor. Looking forward to the new season of Glee!

Before they're gone . . .

Take a moment to savor the beautiful colors of these lovely summer beauties. Each of them was tended lovingly by my friend Marybeth Dougherty, who graciously allowed me to spend some relaxing time captuing their splendor. Truly inspiring, I will be back for more next year!


Pink flowers


Green spotted leaves


Red bird


Orange flower



A man of many faces

Spring's weather has been a bit unpredicitable this year, but we were fortunate enough to enjoy a good day last week when we photographed Connor's portraits. A busy, curious little guy, he was not into sitting still for long, so I had to improvise as I followed him around. Here are some of my favorite images.something for me?




I can fix this!


Mom's are the best!


Can't stay still for long . . .


Daddy's home!