Ed Posh Scholarship Foundation Shootout 2012

I was honored to be approched by the Ed Posh Scholarship Foundation board to photograph Ed for this years benefit. They felt that a fine portrait of him would be of interest to the supporters of the foundation, and it was decided to auction off the images at the 17th Annual Shootout, which took place on July 20th at the Village Links Golf Course. As the first Head Golf Professional at the Village Links of Glen Ellyn, he created an environment for golfers of all levels where they could participate in social and competitive events that were typically offered only at private clubs. Known for working without a sick day or vacations, Ed became the Ambassador for the Village links and worked tirelessly to establish golf events, gave generously to the course customers and especially the junior golfers. In 1995 the Ed Posh Scholarship Fund was created to honor his many contributions.

Since then, over $470,000 in scholarships have been given to 66 Posh Scholars, and 49 have already graduated. In 2011 there will be 16 scholars collectively receiving $40,000 in assistance. With your help we hope to fund even more students. To that end, it was decided not only to acution off the portraits of Ed at the fundraiser, but to allow additional images to be purchased through a special website set up by Lori Sorrells Photography.

All our portraits are fully retouched, enhanced and printed on the finest quality photographic paper. The special finishes we add to our images will protect them and eliminate the need for framing behind glass. The size of the Gallery Wrap canvas at the auction was 11x17. That size is regularly priced at $370.00. You can order your own in that same size or finish, or you can choose a different size, a different finish or a different pose. All prices listed are the regular studio prices, they are not marked up for this event. But since we wish to donate to the cause as well, a full 25% of your total purchase will be given back to the Ed Posh Scholarship Fund.

This website can be found by using the following link:


You can also find it by going to this website: http://www.collages.net, and fill in the following information:

Username:   Village Links
Password:    28653

The site will be up for 60 days. Once you enter your information, you can view the images and create a folder for your favorites. Be sure to check out all the order options, under each image, there is a tab  "Buy Photos" for the standard prints (like the 5x7 prints with the gold bevel edge you saw at the event) and also "Buy Products" for the Gallery Wraps like the 11x17 size we auctioned off. 

And as a last note, there are also Gift Certificates available, found under the "Buy Products" tab, and they will also generate a 25% donation to the Fund. Please consider giving a gift of a family portrait to yourself, a friend or family member, as we do work closely with our clients to create special portraits that will be treasured for years to come. We would love to meet you and make your family moments worthy of being displayed in a place of honor in your home.

Thank you for visiting our website, and for your interest in the photography.

Lori Sorrells


Wedding day for Laura and Clay

Outdoor weddings sometimes go awry, but not the wedding of Laura Gardzelwski and Clay Batterton. Temperatures were warm, but the low humidity and light clouds kept it comfortable. The food was plentiful and delicious, with a wide variety of beverages and treats. The perfect setting for a casual backyard barbecue was enhanced for the occasion, and the warmth of family and friends made the day truly special. 




A full website will be posted in a few weeks with all the pictures from the day. Click here  to see them. If the site is not yet live, you can sign up for a notification when it is ready. Don't worry, your e-mail address will not be used for any other notifications, sold or otherwise passed on to a third party.

Thank you for visting Lori Sorrells Photography. You can find me on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


June is Family Portrait Month, save 50%

Hard to believe we are at the end of Spring, with Memorial Day here this weekend. School is nearly out for everyone, and vacations are on our minds. But will there be time for your family portrait? You'll be surprised at how fast the time will pass, and even though you keep saying "This is the year I want to have that portrait done..." you may find August comes before you realize it.

Sorrells Signature Portraits will help you get that portrait done and save you up to $125 in the process! June is the best month for portraits, so we have designated it to be "Family Portrait Month". Outdoor sessions for June are offered at 50% off the regular price, and that goes for ALL location sessions. We offer full service photography for families and children, working with you to get the perfect look. A consultaton service is included for each client so we can help you with the challenging quesitons of portrait style, clothing and location. We want your portrait to reflect your personality, tastes and lifestyle, not just record what you look like.


Session fees vary with the location, but there is no extra charge for weekends, including Sunday. Only 12 appointments remain open for June, so call us today so we can find a time for your group. Don't worry if you don't want to be in the picture, you can have just your children photographed, but we encourage you to do a family portrait as well. Even if you only get a small copy, your children will appreciate it when they are grown themselves. How fun for them to look back and see their parents with them as little ones in a portrait of true quality. All images are fully retouched and enhanced so you can be assured of getting only the very best!

For more information call 708-246-4511

Sale prices are good for outdoor sessions paid by Saturday, June 30, 2012. All major credit cards accepted.

All services are by appointment, but calls are taken from 9 am to 9 pm daily. 

Photography appointments for this special can be scheduled through August 30, 2012. Any rain dates or resechedules can be set in September if needed.
We hope to see you soon!

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Be the Hero this Mother's Day

Year after year, moms and grandmas get the traditional gifts of flowers, cards, a nice meal, maybe something sweet, chocolates being top of the list. But what else can you give her that will last longer than a few days?

A professional portrait stands the test of time, and continues to give pleasure every time it's viewed. Kids grow up fast, families change and scatter. But with a portrait, you're always together, no matter where you are. Photographer Lori Sorrells strives to capture the moments that become your memories. Looking back on some of the work she has done over her 30 year carreer fills her with emotion, remembering little ones who have grown up... grandparents who are no longer with us... and knowing that her clients  still treasure their portraits years later brings a satisfaction that something of real value has been created.

Now, it is your chance to have a special portrait created, one that will become meaningful to your family. There are so many questions though. Where to photograph it, what to wear, how to fit it into the schedule... these are ususally the first questions clients have before calling us. But with our full consultation service, we help answer those and many more that you probably won't think of. After all, you only do this a few times in your life, but we do it every day, and want to help you create something truly special, reflective of your family's personalities, tastes and lifestyle.

To help you along with your plans, we have decided to offer three special gift certificates for Mother's Day. They each present an excellent value, as much as 40% off the regular price. The best part about the certificate is that you CAN'T make a wrong decision. Instead, you get to be the hero, giving mom or grandma a certificate and then letting HER plan the details. Women usually have specific ideas of what they want and finished portraits are not the kind of surpise that is always appreciated. Once she has the gift certificate, she has the incentive to get it done. Let her choose the clothing, decided where to display it and make sure she gets the exact look and style she wants. It is a very personal choice, and one that requires some thought and planning.

Through Saturday, May 12th, we are offering the following special packages:

1. Studio Session and 1 - 8x10 Retouched Portrait for only $150. 

This has a regular value of $260, saving you $110.

2. Outdoor Session and 1 - 11x14 Retouched Portrait for only $200.  

This has a regular value of $370, saving you $170.

3. Outdoor Session and 1 - 16x20 Retouched Portrait for only $250. 

This has a regular value of $520, saving you a whopping $270.

All you need to do is call the studio and let us take care of the details. You can pick up the certificate at our studio the same day, or we can mail it. We can also deliver it to you if you can't make it here, and we will be offering them through Saturday, 5/12/12. We take all major credit cards by phone, and are ready to help you with your questions.

Call us now at   708-246-4511. We take calls from 9 am to 9 pm daily.

Don't forget grandma, either. A multi-generation portrait is a treasure for all, as the adults appreciate it today, and the grandkids will love it when they are grown and their grandparents are no longer with them. A professional portrait truly is the gift of today that continues to be a gift for years to come. Make this the year you finally get it done.



Are you Serious about your Professional Image?

You know how it goes... you are asked to provide a headshot for your website... business cards... or advertising piece. You cringe because you know the one you have is outdated. Or maybe it is one a friend took when you were out at an event last year, but the quality is off, the picture looks orangey and ameturish. Take a closer look at it... is that really what you want to use to promote yourself? You've been thinking of having a new one taken, but you are just so busy...

If this sounds familiar, it is because it happens to everyone. Photographers hear all the time, "I hate to be photographed..." or " I never take good pictures..." yes, most of us have said those words. But the truth is, you just haven't had a good photographer. Until now, that is.

Lori Sorrells is a photographer with 30 years experience behind the camera, making people feel comfortable so they look natural and relaxed. Your own personality will shine through as you work together in a collabrative effort to capture the best look for you. A typical studio session will include 20 or more poses to start. These will be immediately reviewed with you and she will help you select the one that makes you look the best. If for some reason, you don't see one you like enough to use, additional poses will be photographed immediately so that you leave feeling confident that you got the job done right.

"I know how much work my clients go through just to schedule time to be photographed, and I want to make it work their while" says Lori. "I never want anyone to leave feeling like they settled for less than the best. I work hard to make sure every image I deliver is exactly what my client wants."


As an additional service, she offers the option of using multiple backgrounds and outfits to give you a variety of looks and styles. "It's a little more time and work at the session, but gives so many more options for my clients to have on hand." she says. "They may not need more than one image to start with, but ordering an additional pose a month or so later is a lot less time and trouble than having another session photographed. They can just call me to get another pose retouched and sent to them, and solve the problem of having one iconic image that represents them in every marketing piece. And today, many business professionals want a more casual look for some photos in addition to the traditional business suit."

The standard studio session includes one outfit on one background. Your favorite pose is fully color corrected, retouched and saved off in multiple file versions.You will get a variety of cropping formats, including a square shape for uploading to LinkedIn, that has the proper head size. "There is no use showing a lot of body in a tiny avatar" she says. "People don't always understand how cropping the image changes the impact. If the purpose is to show who you are, a small image will work much better if it has a tight crop on the face. A larger size needs more body to balance it out. I do this for my clients because I have seen too many images improperly used. I don't want them to lessen the positive impact their image can have".

March is Business Professionals Month at Sorrells Signature Portraits. Your studio session and retouched files are only $95. Location photography is also available if you book for 5 or more people to have individual portraits.

You can call the studio at 708-246-4511 for more information. Appointment times are currently available both weekdays and weekends, but are subject to availabliity.

This special is good through March 31, 2012. Do it now and you can save over 50% off the regular cost of $225. Tell a friend and have them come along. It's a lot of fun... and one more thing you get to check off your list!


Vivid fall colors to grace your next portrait

After over a week of rain, we are finally treated to sunshine and warm temperatures. The excessive moisture is actually beneficial this time of year, as it will keep the leaves on the trees until they have a chance to turn. Many trees are showing great color already, but the best is yet to come.


Book your family portrait session now, while there is still time! We are offering a portrait session and custom printed 8x10 portrait for the low price of just $99!


Call the studio now to check availablity and to reserve your time. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover cards by phone.


~ Lori

Home for the Holidays Special

Thanksgiving is upon us, and with Chistmas right behind, families will be gathering together to celebrate and share special moments. The holiday season offers a perfect opportunity for family portraits, and we can do them right in your home.

If you book a session for and in-home portrait now, you can take $125 off the regular fee of $225, and still get our full service session. We will photograph multiple groupings to suit your family's needs, all at no extra charge. With our expert color correction and retouching, you're sure to have a finished portrait that exceeds your expectations.

Family portrait at home

Starting today, the session price is only $100.

Photograph by November 30th, and receive 25 Free Holiday cards featuring our custom designs, a $60 value.

This pricing is good for sessions booked and photographed through December 30, 2010.

Call today for best available times and more information.