Spring Arrives at Last, Just in Time for Mother's Day

This has been the longest winter in many years, and if you are like me, itchy to get out and enjoy some GREENERY and beautiful colors, well, we are in for a treat at long last! There was not a lot budding or blooming for Easter, but for this Mother's Day, we will have gorgeous color, trees in full flowering bloom and green all around!

The promise that comes with Spring is also important to us... that life and love can be renewed. It is no coincidence that our spirits are lifted by this beauty, because it is life giving, and nurtures our spirit and our souls.

A similar effect is achieved every time you stop to gaze at that special family portrait that hangs on your wall. Capturing a moment in time that passed too quickly, a professional portrait is custom designed to portray the special relationships of those you love, their personalities, and the nuances of expression that mean so much to you. Artfully done, with the perfect balance of lighting, composition and color harmony, your portraits are always printed on the highest quality materials and designed to last through the years. It may be fun to carry your photos on your phone, but there is nothing that takes the place of that beautiful wall portrait that graces your home and touches your heart. In the course of a busy day, or in times of stress, taking a moment to stop and gaze and relive those moments can be as soothing to your soul as is the beauty of spring after a long, hard winter.

Each year, I offer a Mother's Day Gift Certificate sale with two popular options at up to 50% off. They are personalized, custom printed, and presented in a gift box. We can take your order by phone and accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card. If you are unable to pick up your certificate at our studio, we can mail it to you or drop it off to a local address.

A gift certificate is never the wrong size, color or needs to be returned. They are always appreciated, because the recipient has an opportunity to plan the perfect portrait just the way they want. We help them with those important details... like choosing the style of the portrait, the location, even the clothing choices. Determining where portraits will be displayed in your home is also relevant. We offer a full service studio and deliver finished, framed portraits, fully retouched and professionally printed. What's more, sessions can be scheduled at your convenience, through out the spring or summer, and can be done in studio, outdoors or at your home.

If you are not sure what you want, or have questions, the best thing is to give me a call so you can find out your options. Planning a portrait can be work, but my goal is to help you make it simple and rewarding. The gift certificate offer sale pricing is good through Saturday, May 10, and a special bonus offer is available through this Sunday, May 4th, so act now and get the most value for your dollar. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and your thoughtfulness will be deeply appreciated by those who receive this timeless gift.

Call now for more information 708-246-4511.

And enjoy the weather, the colors and flowers and trees as they come to life. It only happens once a year... savor it!

Lori Sorrells


Your Business Image Could be Hurting Your Sales

Given a choice, most people would place getting their picture taken by a professional pretty low on their list of favorite activities. But these days, it takes a good deal of visibility in social media and a web presence to stay viable. That is the reason you should care more about how you are perceived by others, especially new prospects.

If your current headshot or avatar is a cell phone picture, vacation snapshot or other poor quality image, it could reflect negatively on your professionalism and turn prospects away. You only get one chance to make a first impression, as they say. That selfie you posted on facbook should not be what represents you in the business world. Or perhaps you are one of those on LinkedIn who does not use an avatar at all. If so, then this is your chance to do something about it.


Each year, during the month of March, I offer business headshots at a reduced cost. Normally, the full service session runs $225, but for the first 10 bookings, I am reducing the price to only $125. And if you want some company, bring a friend along and you can each save an additional $20. You'll get the benefit of my 30 years of experience to help you relax and have fun during the session. Only the softest professional lighting is used to obtain clean exposures and the most natural look. Your image will also be retouched to remove imperfections and optimized for web use as well as print making.

Call us today at 708-246-4511 for more information on this limited time offer and let us help you gain the most from your time in front of the camera. There are a multitude of uses for professionional marketing images, and we'll help you figure out which ones make sense for you and your business. It is a competitive world we live in, and you should take advantage of all the tools at your disposal. This one is a real easy one, and pays off continually every time it's seen. Treat your image with the respect it deserves and do it right. It is never a bad time to get a good photo of yourself to use for business. This offer is good for the first 10 bookings this month... don't get left out!

I hope to see you soon!

Lori Sorrells



Summer Passes Into Fall, only 6 More Weeks for Portraits

Wow, just wow. It's the end of summer tomorrow, and I am a little sad... perhaps it is the gloomy weather these past few days, or maybe I just don't want the end of my outdoor photography season to end so soon. But time moves forward, and we cannot hold it back. So I choose instead to embrace the rain, because I know it will help keep the leaves on the trees so that they can put on a real show for us.

Fall portraits are by far my most popular style, and whether we have a rustic, dry season or a vivid colorful one, I have learned over the years how to select the best locations for my clients and make the most of what nature has to offer. I would love to help you with your family portrait, and encourage you to take a moment to check your schedules and reserve your time today. Prime appointment spots are available on each of the October weekends, and there is no extra charge for a Sunday session.

To honor the passing of Summer into Fall, we have a great special this weekend only:

Location session fee

Custom 8x10 portrait mounted on gold bevel edged board  ($135)

Set of 25 Customized Holiday Cards printed on metallic paper.  ($65)

Regular value of this collection is $375.

Package price thru 9/22/13 is only $125


Working with a true professional includes guidance and assistance in the important areas of portrait style, clothing choices and location. We specialize in creating custom wall decor and can produce single showpiece images for over your fireplace, or a grouping of small images for your foyer. Professional, customized albums and coffee table books are also available. You can have a free consultation to help you with questions anytime. Learn how fine photography can bring that artistic touch to your home.

This will be be my lowest price / best value for the season. I have only 8 packages available, so if they book up before Sunday, the special will end early. Call now to get the best selecion of times. We accept all major credit cards by phone, and you can choose your date later if you like. But act now, because just like the fall colors, this price won't last!


Peace be with you,

Lori Sorrells



Yikes, where did Summer Go???

Did it pass too quickly for you, too? I can hardly believe it is August. But I am also excited to see that the mild weather and beauty that comes this time of year is here once more. The soft tones of yellows and greens make an excellent setting for late Summer portraits. The mild weather tends to be dry and I love to work in the fields and local parks. I can help  you get a rustic setting or even the beach (which is much easier to use in August and September for a portrait than in June and July). I also like to work in your settings, and welcome your ideas. Homes, backyards and other areas of personal interest will add a special touch to your portrait that makes it unique and meaningful to you and your family.

To help you plan the perfect portrait, I will guide you in selecting the right clothing, style and size for your home and needs. Wether you want to decorate a wall with a grouping of images, hang a large canvas over your fireplace or just have a nice portrait for your desk at home, a Sorrells Signature Portrait is guaranteed to be everything you need and more. Our expert retouching will take care of uneven skin tones, shine or redness on faces, stray hairs, wrinkles and even double chins. We can also to a little nip and tuck for those who indulged in too much ice cream this summer!

Plan now for this limited time and take advantage of our special End of Summer offer. Get your outdoor session taken at one of our favorite spots and we'll include a retouched, custom printed 8x10 at no charge. What's more, we're knocking $50 off the session fee, so your final price is only $125 for the package. Other sizes and options are available, and we look forward to helping you make the selection that is right for you. If you don't have a  clear idea of what you want, that is no problem, as we can show you samples and offer suggestions that will be taliored around your family's lifestyle and individual personalities. With over 30 years experience helping families create special portraits, we have the skills necessary to guide you through a fun and rewarding experience. After all, how much is your own time and effort worth? Shouldn't you choose a photographer who cares as much as you do? Our portraits come with a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not thrilled with your images, we will make it right or refund your money. No strings attached.


Take a look at your calendar and see if you can find a time to get your family together... for August, September or October. The season is nearing an end, and I can only offer 8 more packages at this price. My session time is very limited this year in order to allow me time to do all the custom artwork that comes with our products. Holiday cards will be offered at a special savings too, so get a jump on this year's gift giving. Summer will be gone so come out and have a little fun, we'd love to have you join us!

Call today to find out more or reserve your time. We accept all major credit cards and are flexible on scheduling. 708-246-4511.

Happy August!!!
Lori Sorrells


Spring's beauty is here for Mother's Day

How hard it is to wait for those first flowers... for the buds to open on the flowering trees... and the delightful green that follows as the new leaves begin to open! This year has been especially tough as our weather patterns kept turning back to cold and rain. But April showers, as they say, bring May flowers. I'd love to share a few of my favorite images with you to evoke the beauty of the season and brighten your day!


As much as I love photographing flowers, there is something I love even more... creating beautiful family portraits. It won't be long before Summer is here and your out enjoying the weather, vacationing, gardening, at the beach... life gets busy. Now is the time to plan your next family portrait, before the time gets away from you.

For Mother's day, I am offering a special Gift Certificate sale. You can purchase an outdoor session and a finished portrait to give to mom, but let her make all the important decisions. When to take it, how to dress... what the style will be... where it will be displayed... what size and how many to order. These choices are different for every family, and with over 30 years of experience, I have learned how to help with all those details.

You can be the thoughtful husband or son, and give your mom or wife a gift she will never return, never grow tired of, and never forget. A fine family portrait is a forever gift. Call me today and I'll tell you how you can save 50% on your gift! 708-246-4511, or email me with your contact info and I'll call you when it is convenient. You know she has wanted this for a long time... make this the year you come through for her. You won't regret it!

Happy Spring,

Lori Sorrells

Home for the Holidays

The time of year which warms our hearts so much is here again, and as families gather to celebrate the Christmas season, I can't help but remember how many beatuiful portraits I've created over the years during this time. There is a little window of opportunity to photograph your professional portrait, and I am offering you a wonderful special price along with a FREE gift of an 11x14 retouched portrait.



Pricing is just $175 for your in-home session, which saves you $50 off the regular price. I have room for sessions between December 26th and January 1st, 2013.

There is never a better time to capture your family's togetherness than during the holidays. Call now and let's create something special together ~  708-246-4511.

Merry Christmas!

Lori Sorrells


Celebrate Fall with Beautiful Memories

As the days grow shorter, and the air gets cooler, we know the fall colors are not far behind. It is a popular time for outdoor photography, and we want to make it easy for you to have a special portrait of your own this year.

 But great portraits don't just happen by pointing a a camera and clicking a button. Proper planning is the key to success, and that is what we are here to offer. All you need to do is check your schedule and call us to reserve a date. October has 4 weekends, and we can offer you both Saturday and Sunday appointments at no extra charge.



Quality takes time and attention to details, and we think your own time should be spend relaxing and enjoying the moment while in front of our camera. Let us make the most of your time and efforts, and produce for you the best we can. We think you're worth it, don't you?


For a limited time, you can book your session and save $50 off the regular price of the session fee ($175 - $250). We'll also include a free 8x10 retouched and custom printed portrait, valued at $135. This means that you can have a session and portrait for as little as $125. And if you do this now, as the beginning of Fall is upon us, we'll add in a set of 25 custom holiday cards as well, a $65 value. All together, you will get $250 worth of goods and services for as little as $125... our best offer of the year!



Take a moment to call today, and let us help you with your questions. After all, a fine portrait is not something you do every year, but we do them every day. You can trust an expert with over 30 years experience to know just how to help you pull it all together. The fall season will be beatiful, but short. Call now before the time passes you by.


Peace be with you,

Lori Sorrells